Automate, enrich, and qualify your inbound leads

We build solutions for the future. We'll integrate your existing systems into a decision making agent, designed to complete a range of sales and operational tasks.

Supercharge your dealflow.

Used by 1M+ MRR B2B Businesses

80% of dealflow is WASTED, due to inefficient sales processes.

Mass outreach, with minimal follow-up, is not enough.


8+ touchpoints to close a deal


Discovery calls with time-wasters


Delays result in lost deals with ideal clients

Enhance your sales
with AI-Driven 

Sales Chatbot for your prospects

Crawl your knowledge-base and provide support with tailored answers.

Ask a question

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Allocate leads to the right salesperson. Easy.

Auto-categorisation can reduce your lead response time from 24 hours+ to less than 20 minutes.

Heath Moore, Director

Sector: Health, Status: Book dicovery

Clive Lee, Founder and Director, Professional

Sector: Self improvement/ Life coaching, Status: Reject

Mike Power, Managing Director

Sector: Finance, Status: Book dicovery

Michelle York, Marketing Assistant

Sector: Business, Status: Reject

Todd Glean, Insurance Agent

Sector: Finance, Status: Book dicovery

BYO website, and the rest of your marketing stack. We'll do the rest.

We've worked with Ecom platforms, CRMs, Analytics, Email marketing, of various shapes and sizes. We'll connect the dots to make your data work for you.






Twilio Segment

Lead Forms

Wordpress Forms

Conversion Pages




Have another idea?

The possibilities are endless when it comes to automating almost any repetive task. Let's see how you can automate your workflow.

Can we automate customer support replies for our SaaS product?
Marc Lou
Sep 1, 2024
Certainly, we can create agents for any administrative or sales task.
William V.
Sep 2, 2024


Save on admin costs and keep deals moving faster then ever

Starter Exploration Milestone

Get an actionable plan to kickstart your AI transformation




  • Expected generated outputs
  • First-reply email templates
  • Technology recommendation


Advanced Exploration Milestone

Get a more robust plan to help you implement AI lead categorisiation




  • 5 Day, in-depth AI Exploration
  • Technology scoping and recommendation
  • Quality score (output accuracy measurement)
  • Includes Starter Exploration Milestone

End-to-end Sales Automation

Custom lead qualification, routing and first-reply automation for your sales team

Contact us for pricing

  • 1-on-1 support
  • Guaranteed output similarity
  • CRM data collection
  • BYO marketing stack
  • Upgradable

Routed 0+
qualified leads to
 happier salespeople

Join 1M+ MRR B2B businesses that have transformed their sales and operational processes with Feisty Agency. Our AI-driven automation solutions are designed to enhance your deal flow, reduce response times, and integrate seamlessly with your existing systems.